Pitt Law Students Shine at Moot Court Competitions

It was a year of incredible achievements by Pitt Law students at moot court competitions. Kiley Verbanac (JD '24) and Patrick Sullivan (JD '24) soared to the top of the Giles Sutherland Rich Patent Law Moot Court, clinching the runner-up spot at Regionals in Boston and reaching the semifinals, securing a top-four finish at nationals in Washington, DC.

Natalie Simmons (JD '24) and Michaela Kluska (JD '24) made their mark as runners-up at National Moot Court regionals in Baltimore, MD, earning their ticket to nationals in New York City. There, they showcased their talent, advancing to the Sweet 16.

It was a historic moment for Pitt Law as Luke Kastenhuber (JD '24), Dustin Foley (JD '24), and Nina Wiramidjaja (JD '24) represented the law school for the first time at the National Tax Moot Court and emerged triumphant. Luke's stellar performance earned him not one, but two Best Oralist awards, in both preliminary rounds and overall.

And it was a clean sweep by Pitt Law at the LLM International Arbitration Moot. Amila Pivic (LLM '24) and Stefano Avogaro (LLM '24) claimed victory in the competition, while Anastasiia Panchak (LLM '24) and Zahidullah Omarzai (LLM '24) impressed by reaching the semi-finals. All four students dominated the oralist prizes, with Stefano clinching first place, Amila as the runner-up, Anastasiia in third, and Zahid in fourth.