Susan Yohe Pittsburgh Legal Diversity & Inclusion Coalition Scholarship Selects 2023-2024 Recipients

The Pittsburgh Legal Diversity & Inclusion Coalition (PLDIC) created the Susan Yohe PLDIC Scholarship to honor Susan Yohe's lifetime of service to championing and furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Pittsburgh legal community. Yohe is one of the PLDIC's founders and served as its Executive Director from its inception in 2017 until her retirement in July 2021. PLDIC member Duquesne Light Company has committed to funding the Coalition's portion of the scholarship. 

The scholarship award recipients will receive a $10,000 tuition scholarship per year. The University of Pittsburgh School of Law awarded the scholarship to Anne Darla Pamphile, a 2021 graduate of Saint Vincent College. Anne also appreciated the award, “It is with the utmost gratitude that I accept this Susan Yohe PLDIC Scholarship towards my attendance at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. As a dedicated member of the most underrepresented group in the law profession, I remain determined to trample generational barriers through my attainment of a law license, as this will grant me the key to open doors of uncharted opportunities for other minority groups who, too, can then confidently perpetuate the cycle of success. I am honored to receive this scholarship and excited to learn effective new ways to diversify and generate positive change in the law profession!”

Eva Morgan, a 2023 graduate of Syracuse University, is the recipient for Duquesne Kline School of Law. When informed of her selection, Eva stated, “I feel so honored to be a recipient of the Susan Yohe PLDIC Scholarship. I aspire to be a respectable lawyer, and with this scholarship, I am one step closer to that goal. Receiving this award makes me feel proud of the career field that I am going into. As I go into my 1L at Duquesne University Kline School of Law, I plan to advocate for all underrepresented groups.”

These recipients demonstrate a commitment to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession. In addition to the monetary award, this fall, the scholarship winners will also be invited to meet with the PLDIC Board of Directors, the PLDIC Executive Director, the Deans of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and Duquesne Kline School of Law, and leadership from Duquesne Light Company. The PLDIC will introduce each recipient to its over 50 PLDIC member organizations through the PLDIC newsletter, social media, website, and at its annual members meeting later this year.