Richard Delgado

Professor Emeritus of Law


One of the leading commentators on race in the United States, Richard Delgado has appeared on Good Morning America, the MacNeil-Lehrer Report, PBS, NPR, the Fred Friendly Show, and Canadian NPR. Author of over one hundred journal articles and fifteen books, his work has been praised or reviewed in The Nation, The New Republic, the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal. His books have won eight national book prizes, including six Gustavus Myers Awards for outstanding book on human rights in North America, the American Library Association's Outstanding Academic Book, and a Pulitzer Prize nomination.

Stanley Fish described his career and book, The Rodrigo Chronicles in the following terms: "Richard Delgado is a triple pioneer. He was the first to question free speech ideology; he and a few others invented critical race theory; and he is both a theorist and an exemplar of the importance of storytelling in the workings of the law. This volume brings all of Delgado's strengths together in a stunning performance."

In his spare time, Delgado co-edits three book series, serves as consultant to government agencies, and writes articles and books. His e-mail address is

Key/Recent Publications


  • Richard Delgado, The Law Unbound! A Richard Delgado Reader (Wing & Stefancic ed., Paradigm Publishers 2007).
  • Richard Delgado, Race And Races: Cases And Resources For A Diverse America (2d ed., forthcoming 2007).
  • Richard Delgado & M. Gonzalez, The Politics Of Fear And The Republican Ascendancy (Paradigm Publishers, 2006).
  • Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic eds., The Derrick Bell Reader (NYU Press, 2005).
  • Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic, How Lawyers Lose Their Way: A Profession Fails Its Creative Minds (Duke University Press, 2005).
  • Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic, Understanding Words That Wound, (Westview/Perseus Press, 2004).
  • Richard Delgado, Justice At War: Civil Liberties And Divil Rights During Times Of Crisis (NYU Press, 2003).

Articles and Review Essays

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