Certified Legal Interns

For information regarding the requirements of, and process for, being certified as a legal intern, please see here. Once you have completed your application, please submit the Dean’s Certification to Sue Leroy in the Deans’ Office.

Bar Forms

All forms requiring a signature from a Dean or Associate Dean in connection with an application for admission to the bar should be submitted to the Registrar's Office.


All petitions relating to the application of the Academic Standards or Attendance Policy should be submitted to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, either in hard copy or by email. The Associate Dean forwards all petitions to the faculty Petitions & Academic Standards Committee (a new committee is appointed each year and serves from June 1 through May 31). Once the Associate Dean receives the Committee’s decision, the Associate Dean then communicates that decision in writing to the student.

Letters of Good Standing

Please submit all requests for letters of good standing to Sue Leroy by email at In your request, please include the following information:

The purpose of the letter (e.g., to accompany an application to transfer, to participate in a summer study program at another law school, to provide evidence of enrollment for insurance purposes, etc.)
The name of the addressee
Whether you would like the Deans’ Office to send the letter directly or whether you wish to pick up the letter from the Deans’ Office 

Please note that a letter of good standing cannot be issued to a student who is on academic probation or otherwise not in good standing with the Law School or University. Being designated as academically at risk will not, by itself, cause a student not to be in good standing.

Transfer Students

For students applying to transfer, please note that the Law School does not rank its students. As a point of information, each letter of good standing contains an explanation of the Law School’s policy on class rank.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department provides services for students.  We are happy to provide technical assistance and advice to students concerning University supported software and network configuration.