Joint Degrees

With the rising demand for attorneys with interdisciplinary expertise, skills, and knowledge, Pitt Law offers several joint degree programs with other graduate schools within the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.

These programs allow you to receive two degrees in a shorter time and with less cost than if you had pursued each independently. Upon enrollment in the joint-degree program, students must fulfill the modified degree requirements of both schools.

Enrolling in a joint degree program with Pitt Law is a straightforward process. You must apply and be admitted to the School of Law and the cooperative school. After acceptance and 30 days before matriculation to the cooperative school, you must complete the Joint Degree Notification Form. This step is crucial, as failure to complete this form could result in loss of financial aid, higher tuition fees, and other consequences. 

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Arts Management

Pitt Law and CMU's Heinz College offer a degree program that prepares students for careers in the intersection of law and arts management.

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Pitt's Schools of Law and Arts and Sciences offer a joint degree program recognizing the increasing overlap between law and bioethics.

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A Pitt Law JD and an MBA from Pitt's Katz School of Business or CMU's Tepper School of Business Integrate a legal and business education.

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Information Security Policy

Combine a Pitt Law JD with a Master of Science in Information Security Policy and Management from CMU's Heinz College for careers where law and information security meet.

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Public Health

Pitt's Schools of Law and Public Health, Health Policy & Management offer a degree recognizing the connections between law and health services.

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Public & International Affairs

Pitt's Schools of Law and Public and International Affairs offer degrees in Public Administration, Public and International Affairs, or International Development, which combine law and public and international affairs.

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Public Policy

Pitt Law and CMU’s Heinz College offer a joint degree to train students for careers in which management, public policy, and law overlap.