Online Graduate Certificates

Pitt Law is a leader in delivering quality online education in law to non-legal professionals and attorneys. Through a new online option in its Master of Studies in Law degree and its graduate certificate programs in Corporate Compliance, Health Care Compliance, Human Resources Law, and International Business Law helps professionals in a wide variety of fields gain a deeper understanding of the law related to their specific professional areas.

Throughout study, students will learn and interact with faculty who are leading professionals in their fields, acquire knowledge of the law critical to professional advancement, study, and complete coursework based on their own schedule, from any location, and at their own pace, and can network with colleagues and classmates through intuitive online discussion boards and group projects.

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Corporate Compliance Certificate  

The Corporate Compliance Certificate program provides students with a core competency and a deeper understanding of compliance laws and regulations. Students will learn how to adopt and implement successful corporate compliance strategies as they acquire knowledge and skills in the legal, regulatory, and ethical framework regarding compliance and its effect on federal and international guidelines.

Health Care Compliance Certificate

The Health Care Compliance Certificate is an accelerated 10-month program designed by compliance, law, and online education experts. The certificate provides an ideal curriculum for working professionals and prepares students for new or more strategic roles in healthcare corporate compliance.

Human Resources Law Certificate

The Human Resources Law Certificate (HR Law) is a practical certificate fit for current and aspiring human resources professionals. The 10-month program addresses critical negotiating skills and guides how to manage complex workplace situations, such as employee contract negotiations, workplace accommodations requests, and employee terminations.

International Business Law Certificate

The International Business Law Certificate is ideal for working professionals who are already employed or wish to begin a career in international commercial law. The curriculum provides students with knowledge surrounding cross-border business transactions and a framework for resolving formal disputes.

Sports, Entertainment, and Arts Law Certificate

The Sports, Entertainment, and Arts Law Certificate (SEAL) gives students the fundamental knowledge to succeed in the highly competitive sports, entertainment, and arts industries. The SEAL curriculum familiarizes students with the industry's business and legal aspects, provides essential, immediately applicable skills in contract negotiation, and examines copyright and trademark matters.