Professional Development Office

The Professional and Development Office (PDO) is dedicated to providing students and graduates of the JD, LLM, and SJD degree programs with the information and tools necessary for successful career development and advancement. Our office assists these in their pursuit of careers in a wide variety of settings, including private law firms, public interest organizations, government agencies, corporate and business environments, judicial clerkships, academia, and non-traditional careers. 

Through an extensive array of services including individual counseling, educational programming, interviewing opportunities, printed and online resources, job posting databases, and a substantial alumni network, the PDO helps educate students and graduates for a lifetime of successful career management. 

The PDO also serves as an intermediary between prospective employers and law students. By posting job vacancies, scheduling on-campus interviews, sponsoring programs, and participating in and promoting off-campus job fairs, we provide a range of employment prospects. Through ongoing outreach, the PDO Staff endeavors to create ever-increasing employer interest in Pitt Law students and graduates.

For Students

PDO is your gateway to recruitment programs, job postings, judicial clerkships and additional job search resources.

For Alumni

We encourage you to take advantage of PDO resources after graduation. These include alumni job postings, reciprocity requests, and career counseling services. Our counselors are available to help you in myriad ways, including résumé review, interview preparation, career transition assistance, and communication with prospective employers. As your career develops, your interests or plans may change, and staff members are available to assist you throughout the career planning process.

For Employers

Our students and alumni are eager to meet you. We encourage you to post jobs or visit our campus.


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