Reciprocity Policy

For students and alumni of other institutions:

The Professional Development Office at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law will provide reasonable access to resources for alumni and students of ABA-accredited law schools on the following terms and conditions:  

  1. Reciprocity is offered to students and alumni of law schools which are located outside of the Pittsburgh area for a period of three (3) months.  Students may request one extension via email to:
  2. Requests for reciprocity must be sent by the requesting law school on behalf of the student or alumnus.  Requests should include the alumnus' graduation date or student's anticipated date of graduation, and their email address.  Requests for reciprocity must be made in writing via email to:
  3. Reciprocity includes online access to our career management site, PittLawWorks.  Students/alumni who are granted reciprocity may sign up (on PittLawWorks, when creating their profile) to receive daily or weekly job postings via email.  Be sure to provide a valid email address.  
  4. Reciprocity is not granted during Fall Recruitment, which runs each year from August 1st through November 30th.  The time frame granted may be shortened or delayed if the three-month time frame would conflict with Fall Recruitment.
  5. Reciprocity does not provide for participation in Fall or Spring Recruitment (or any on-campus interviewing), career counseling, participation in University of Pittsburgh career fairs, nor does it permit the submission of applications through PittLawWorks.
  6. The University of Pittsburgh School of Law reserves the right to deny a student or alumnus reciprocity if the requesting school has refused to provide reciprocity services to a University of Pittsburgh School of Law student or alumnus.
  7. The University of Pittsburgh School of Law reserves the right to refuse or rescind reciprocity privileges and services at any time.
  8. The University of Pittsburgh School of Law reserves the right to revise this policy periodically.

For Pitt Law students and alumni:

Pitt Law alumni and students seeking employment in other geographic regions may request that the Professional Development Office (PDO) send a request on their behalf to a law school in another area. This request allows Pitt Law students and alumni to have access to the job postings of another law school for a limited amount of time. Please identify the law school(s) in your geographic region of interest, review the school’s website for information on their reciprocity policy.

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