Recruitment Policies

The Professional Development Office has established strict policies and guidelines in order to ensure the interests of both the students and employers are protected when interviewing and/or recruiting on or off-campus. We expect students and strongly encourage employers to abide by these principles in addition to the Law School's and PDO office's policies outlined below. These policies are designed to promote a fair interviewing and recruiting process. Should employers have any concerns regarding these policies, please reach out to Students may consult their specified career counselor with any questions.

Recruiting Policies for Students:

The following policies and guidelines have been established to protect the interests of both the students and employers. All students utilizing the Professional Development Office (PDO) services, including its online career service management platform, PittLawWorks, students agree to abide by these rules. 

Recruiting Policies for Employers:

All employers using the services of the Professional Development Office (PDO) agree to abide by these policies. In all cases, the PDO reserves the right to deny to any prospective employer the use of any or all of our services and facilities if we believe, in our discretion, that any component of an employer’s request, does not meet the standards outlined in our policies.