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Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Under what circumstances can I reschedule an exam?

Please contact Vice Dean Hamoudi.

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How will I be accessing my take-home exams?

For “traditional” take-home exams (i.e., those that you are permitted to work on for 24 hours or longer), you will access your exam through ExamSoft, using their web-based platform for accessing take-home exams. There is no special software needed to access and download take-home exams. Once downloaded, you will work on the exam in the word processing program on your own computer and then upload your answer once you have completed the exam.

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Can I download my take-home exam over the weekend?

You may not download take-home exams over the weekend. Downloading is restricted due to the unavailability of IT assistance with downloading exams and uploading answers over the weekend.

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Do I need to be connected to the Internet during the entire time that I work on my take-home exam?

You do not need to be connected to the Internet during the entire time that you are working on an exam. You only need to be connected to the Internet when you download the exam before you start working on it and when you upload your answer after you finish working on it.

If you encounter difficulties either downloading the exam or uploading your answer, please call the IT Department immediately at 412-624-5699 to seek help with your problem.

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I am unable to log in to upload my Take-Home.

You will need to clear your cache and close the browser.

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My 48 hr take-home says its due on Sunday in the ExamSoft portal!

You will still be able to upload it. It will not be late as long as you follow the guidelines that are written on the Take-Home Schedule.

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Am I restricted in any way when writing a take-home exam downloaded from ExamSoft?

No. For take-home exams downloaded using the ExamSoft platform, you will be working on your exam as you would a take-home exam that you picked up in hard copy from the Registrar’s Office. In other words, you will be using MS Word or another word processing program to type your answer. When you have completed your exam, you will upload your answer through ExamSoft.

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Can I print out a copy of the exam questions and of my answer?

For take-home exams downloaded from ExamSoft, you will be able to print out a copy of your exam and your answer.

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Where can I find the video tutorials on using ExamSoft?

The video tutorials for ExamSoft can be found here.

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What is the difference between In-Class (Secure) and Take-Home Exams?

Take-home exams are files downloaded from on the Courses tab. These files are worked on and then uploaded during the designated upload time window. (Note: Course will not show until the exam start time. If you log on at 8:59am with a 9am start, you will not see it until you log out and log back in.)
Where the download is in the ExamSoft window

Secure exams (also known as in-class exams or remote in-class exams) are completed within the software Examplify.
Where the exams are in Examplify

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What is my mock exam ID and password?

Exam ID:  1234 (or make it up)
Password: mock123

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How do I obtain my exam ID for midterms or final exams?

All exam IDs are emailed to students prior to the exam.

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Can I use my tablet or phone to complete my exam?

No Virtual Machines, Linux or Chromebooks, tablets, phones

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What is the DocuSign Exam Software Training Statement?

The Training Statement is required by all students who use a laptop to take an exam with Examplify. It certifies that you have watched the video training. Many issues and questions arise due to lack of having watched the video.

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I was in the middle of an exam and my computer crashed. Now what?

During the crash: Take a deep breath. Your exam is backed up every 30-60 seconds. Just hold down the power button and wait for the computer to shut off. Then power it back on, log in and wait for Examplify to relaunch.

Post exam: Did you disable your antivirus before launching Examplify? Please also run a malware scan.

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I can't upload my take-home exam before the window closes, because I either can't log in or the website won't load.

Email IT and the Registrar your file and keep trying even after the exam window has ended.

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My professor said my exam is in TWEN.

TWEN is separtely supported by Susanna Leers.

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I can't access Box or OneDrive during an in-secure exam.

Your exam is not secure, but doesn't allow Internet. Note that if the exam does not allow Internet, you must store a local copy of your notes and any other files you may want to access if they are stored in Box or OneDrive.

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How do I view exam results in ExamSoft?

  1. Log on to the ExamSoft web portal.
  2. In ExamSoft web portal, click Courses.
  3. Click on the course you wish to see results for.
  4. To view released results, click on the graph icon next to View Results on the course page.
  5. The results will be displayed on a new browser tab.

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Can I use dual monitors?

In a secure exam, no. Please unplug your second (and any additional) monitor(s) before launching Examplify. Especially if you have two screens with different resolutions, ExamSoft may not display properly on your primary monitor.

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I have an electronic book, but the exam has no Internet.

You must contact Law IT at least two weeks prior to the exam start date for assistance. (Ex. Fall 2020, contact Law IT by November 19.) They will instruct you on ways to have your eBook accessible on the computer and test access with a special mock exam.

Tools for Offline Reading:

Read Offline with the West Academic Library App
Download Instructions for Vitalsource eBooks

Mock Exam to Test:

Please test your eBook with the Mock Unsecure Exam - no Internet

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My remote exam starts at 1, but I can't start it until 2. Do I still have the same amount of time?

Yes - you will still have the full time assigned for the exam even if you start at 2. Note that you want to think about making sure you finish it during 9am-6pm EST if you can, since evening support is limited.

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If I have to reboot during my exam, does it count against my time?

The time it takes to reboot does not count against the clock. The exam will pick up with the clock ticking after entering the software on resume. Do note that these events show up in the exam log.

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Is my exam in the ExamSoft portal? or Examplify?

An easy way to remember things is that if a course appears on the “Remote In-Class” schedule, you will complete the exam through Examplify (the software that you download on your computer). Any class that appears on the take-home schedule, will be accessed through The printed detailed exam schedule will tell you the length of the exam, the type (open book, closed book, limited), if Internet is permitted or not, etc. If your class is listed as a “limited open book” exam, you should touch base with your faculty member to determine which materials are/are not permitted for the exam.

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I found a typo or apparent error in the exam.

If you find what you believe to be a mistake in the exam question or materials, please note the apparent mistake in your answer and explain how you are addressing the exam question or how you understand the materials in light of that mistake. DO NOT contact faculty during an exam about any apparent mistake or other issues.

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How do I use Word Count?

In the software, to switch between character count and word count, click on the document icon next to the words ‘Essay Answer’. If you highlight your text, it will count the words you have highlighted. By clicking on the page icon, your word count will become visible.

word count location highlighted

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