Pitt Law Scholarships

Approximately 70 percent of the student body receives scholarship funds from the School of Law.  The Law School offers various scholarships at the time of admission. Some scholarships require an additional application and others are based on the materials submitted in your admissions application. Scholarships can cover up to full tuition and are renewed in the second and third years, provided the student remains in good academic standing. 

The Blue and Gold Dean's Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship that covers full tuition fees. It is awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic excellence, remarkable life experience, and exceptional leadership skills. Eligible students will receive an email containing instructions on how to apply for this scholarship. The application deadline for this scholarship is February 15.

The Chief Justice Ralph J. Cappy (JD '68) Endowed Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship for Pennsylvania residents who have completed their undergraduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh and intend to pursue a public interest career. The scholarship provides $15,000 annually towards tuition fees. Moreover, Cappy Scholars will also receive a matching Dean's Scholarship, which will cover their full tuition fees.

This scholarship is an initiative of the Derrick A. Bell Fund for Excellence and is designed to support student engagement in areas that are consistent with Professor Bell's legacy of advancing social justice. The scholarship will be awarded to one incoming student who has been admitted to Pitt Law by March 1 and who has a record of high academic achievement. The scholarship is meant for someone who is committed to enhancing diversity and social justice and has overcome socioeconomic disadvantages. The scholarship will distribute $10,000 annually to the successful candidate's Pitt Law tuition.

The Donald I. Moritz (JD '51) Scholarship was established in 1995. Mr. Moritz earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1948 and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Pittsburgh in 1951. He is the retired President and CEO of Equitable Resources, Inc.  This scholarship was set up in his honor by Equitable Resources, Inc. to assist worthy law students with the cost of their legal education. Admitted students are automatically considered for this scholarship based on factors in their admissions materials.

The UPLAA scholarship is an annual award given to three rising 3Ls at Pitt Law. This scholarship is designed to assist students who have taken out loans for their education and wish to pursue their professional goals without financial burden. The scholarship is awarded based on several factors, including academic performance, extracurricular activities, personal interests, and financial need. Interested students are encouraged to download the application and submit it in the spring of their second year. Applicants selected for the scholarship will be required to participate in an interview before the scholarship is awarded.

The Susan Yohe (JD '79) PLDIC Scholarship is designed to honor her dedication to hiring, retaining, and including legal professionals from diverse backgrounds. This scholarship is awarded to a first-year law student for $10,000, committed to providing support at the same or greater level in their second and third year of study. The Yohe scholar will demonstrate a solid commitment to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession. Admitted students will be invited to apply for the Susan Yohe PLDIC Scholarship.

Beginning in the fall of 2024, incoming first-year students will be eligible for the Pitt2Pitt Scholarship. The Pitt2Pitt Scholarship supports graduating seniors and alumni who wish to complete a master's degree or certificate program at the University of Pittsburgh. To be eligible, applicants must have previously earned a bachelor's, graduate, or professional degree from Pitt and be in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing. If an applicant is enrolled in more than one academic program eligible for the Pitt2Pitt Scholarship, they may only receive a maximum of one scholarship per term. It is important to note that University of Pittsburgh employees who receive Education Benefits through the University are not eligible for a Pitt2Pitt Scholarship.

First-year applicants who are U.S. Citizens/Permanent Residents and strongly committed to public interest law can apply for the Public Interest Scholarship. The Scholarship Committee looks for students who strongly commit to the area of public interest and have done well academically in their undergraduate and graduate work. The Scholarship will be emailed to all admitted students.

The Office of Admissions must receive the scholarship application and all supporting documentation by March 15. Public Interest Scholarship applicants must be admitted to the University of Pittsburgh School of Law; therefore, students must apply for admission early.