Tuition and Financial Aid

Pitt Law recognizes that pursuing a law degree is a significant and long-term investment. We offer a range of merit-based scholarships to aid prospective and current students with the costs associated with law school. In addition to these scholarships, the university also provides various financial aid options, such as federal and private student loans. 

Tuition Rates and Fees 

The tuition rates and fees for Pitt Law are adjusted each year based on recommendations from the University Board of Trustees and announced in July. In addition to the fees charged by the University, the School of Law has fees specific to law students. 

Fee Type Full-Time, Two Terms Full-Time Per Term Part-Time Per Term
Law Exam Fee (All Law Students) $63 $31.50 $31.50
Law Public Service Interest Fee (JD Only) $50 $25 $25
Law Bar Success Fee (JD Only) $525 $262.50 $262.50
Laptop Fee (1L - JD Only) $1,500 $750 $750

Cost of Attendance 

Each academic year, a standard cost of attendance (COA) is developed for students. This COA is designed to adequately cover tuition, fees, books, and living expenses for enrollment (August-May). A student may receive financial aid (from any source) up to their COA. 

Students with extraordinary documented expenses beyond their COA may request that their COA be increased to allow for such costs. Individual budget increases are subject to strict federal guidelines and will only be approved for compelling reasons with appropriate documentation. Students are advised that credit card and car payment CANNOT be included in COA. These increases are made individually, and proper documentation will be required before such an increase can be approved. Students must complete the form below and submit it with all supporting documentation.  The expenses will be calculated for the student enrollment period, not the calendar year. Approved COA increases allow for additional loan eligibility up to the increased amount.

COA Increase Request Form 

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