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The University of Pittsburgh Law Building is currently undergoing major renovations. Access to the building and law library is restricted until July. Please email or call (412) 648-1490 if you need assistance.

Tuition and Financial Aid


The tuition rates and fees for the University of Pittsburgh School of Law are adjusted each year based on recommendations from the University Board of Trustees. These tuition rates and fees are announced in July. View current tuition and fees.


Students may take advantage of various financing options, including loans.


Students may take advantage of various financing options, including scholarships.


Fellowships offer the opportunity for funding associated with legal experience in the field or scholarly work. These fellowships can be during the academic year or the summer.

Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

Students contemplating withdrawing or a leave of absence should contact the Law School Financial Aid Office to determine the impact of withdrawl or leave on their financial aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

View frequently asked questions regarding tuition and financial aid.