UPLAA Committees

Alumni wishing to serve on any of the below committees are encouraged to contact the Honorable Mary Jane Bowes, current President of the Board of Governors.

Alumni Reception and Reunion Committee

The Alumni Reception and Reunion Committee assists the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs in planning and executing all details relating to the Board of Governor’s signature events for Reunion Weekend, including outreach to reunion classes, recruitment of sponsors for the reunion program, and planning of reception and reunion weekend events.  Committee members will be asked to assist with one or two reunion classes.

Distinguished Alumni Committee

The Distinguished Alumni Committee solicits nominations and gathers information on alumni for consideration and vote by the full Board of Governors for the Distinguished Alumni Award, the Young Alumni Award, and the Public Service Award, which is presented annually at the Distinguished Alumni & Law Fellows Dinner in May. Committee members participate in early consideration of candidates, and proposals and selection of awardees.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee awards annual scholarships to three outstanding third-year law students. The purpose of this committee is to help assist the Office of Financial Aid with the process of awarding each of the three scholarships. Committee members evaluate applications for scholarships and select students to be interviewed, participate in interviews, and outreach to selected candidates on behalf of the Board of Governors. In addition, Committee members assist the Law School with promoting the UPLAA Scholarship among Law alumni.

Nominating and Governance Committee

The Nominating and Governance Committee reviews the Law Alumni Association’s bylaws and make recommendations for any necessary modifications of amendments to the full Board of Governors. Committee members evaluate current needs and make-up of the Board, keeping in mind the importance of diversity, and nominate new members.

Admissions and Recruitment Committee

The Admissions and Recruitment Committee assists the Admissions Office in helping to recruit top candidates to the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Committee members represent the Law School at different recruiting events, make personal phone calls to admissions candidates, and participate on an admission panel.

Alumni Engagement Committee

The Alumni Engagement Committee sponsors and hosts events, programming, and other activities to engage with Pitt Law Alumni. Committee members will attend, develop, and sponsor CLEs, speaker luncheons, meet and greet events, and Happy Hours.

Judicial Liaison Committee

The Judicial Liaison Committee sponsors and hosts events at which Pitt Law Alumni meet and interact with Judicial Alumni and other members of the judiciary serving on trial, appellate, and administrative benches. Committee members will collaborate with Judicial Alumni and plan lunches, meet and greet events, and Happy Hours with Alumni Judges.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee organizes Strategic Planning Meetings for the Law Alumni Association and the Board of Governors and analyzes the need for planning initiatives to address organizational structure, By-Laws, mission, and strategic priorities.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee assists the Office of Professional and Career Development by making contacts with and the professional mentoring of Pitt Law graduates.

Committee members meet with Office of Professional and Career Development staff to determine priorities, participate in student and alumni networking events and mock interviews, and identify and forward job opportunities to the Office of Professional and Career Development.

Young Alumni Committee

The Young Alumni Committee assists in connecting young alumni to the Law Alumni Association and engaging young alumni by creating events and programs to attract recent Pitt Law graduates.  Committee members will attend, develop, and sponsor  networking events, CLEs, lunch and learns, podcasts, happy hours, and similar events.

Black Alumni Committee

The Black Alumni Committee works to strengthen the professional and social network of Black alumni from Pitt Law nationally and internationally, increase the engagement of Black alumni with Pitt Law, and provide a support network for Black students of Pitt Law. Committee members attend networking events and events in partnership with the Black Law Students Association at Pitt Law.  Committee members also participate in informational events around current issues within the legal profession impacting all members of the Bar, but particularly Black alumni and law students. 

Website/e-Newsletter Committee

The Website/e-Newsletter Committee reviews and proposes updates to Pitt Law’s Alumni webpage, particularly the Alumni Overview, Alumni Reunion Weekend, and Law Alumni Association webpages, and propose content for Pitt Law’s quarterly Alumni E-Newsletter. Committee members collaborate with Pitt Law’s Marketing and Communications Department and provide news of note relating to Pill Law alumni.