Law Alumni Association

The University of Pittsburgh Law Alumni Association (“UPLAA”) is dedicated to building a strong community of current and future alumni by creating purposeful opportunities to network, engage, and support their professional development. UPLAA encourages Pitt Law alumni to strengthen their relationship with the School of Law and to continue building the Pitt Law school legacy through mentoring current students, attending law school events, and donating time and talent to its efforts. In addition, UPLAA offers resources to the newest alumni to provide a helping hand through the transition from law school into their professional careers. All alumni are automatically granted membership to UPLAA upon graduation in order to stay connected to the law school and to each other.

UPLAA’s efforts include: 

  • Planning networking, mentoring, and social events for alumni 
  • Awarding annual merit-based scholarships for third-year law students 
  • Offering professional resources for graduating students and alumni 
  • Acting as a liaison with the School of Law to ensure the continued success of the University and our alumni. 

UPLAA elects its Board of Governors and promotes opportunities for alumni leadership that exemplifies the diversity of the School of Law and its objectives. Governors are active and committed alumni who demonstrate their dedication to its mission by providing their time, energy, and financial support to the School of Law, its students, and alumni. The Board of Governors meets monthly and works closely with the administration to identify and address the needs of students and alumni.  

All alumni are invited to stay involved through engaging with current students, working with the Board of Governors, attending UPLAA events, aiding career resources, participating in outreach events and volunteer opportunities, or making a gift to the School of Law.