Law Alumni Association

The Law Alumni Association was established in 1986. It aims to enhance the interests of the School of Law and its alumni through the establishment of student scholarships and a variety of activities that recognize and support alumni and current law students.

Bottom Row (left to right) - Dean William M. Carter, Jr., Ilene Fingeret '86, Diane Ryan Katz '07, Judge Lisa Lenihan '83, Judge Marilyn Horan '79, Ron Basso '85 
Top Row (left to right) - Stu Benson '75, Arnie Silverman '62, Elizabeth Hughes '04, Judge Alan Hertzberg '83, Bruce Fox '84, Pat Sorek (President) '84

Enthusiastic alumni participation in recent years has created a significant growth in the Law Alumni Association which has blossomed into a vibrant network of supportive alumni throughout the country.