Grades & Transcripts

Learn how grades are assigned and weighted and how you can obtain a transcript. Our Academic Standards also provide invaluable information.

Grade Distribution

The grade distributions, current as of the end of Spring 2023, are available for the classes listed below:

Ranking and Grade Values

The law school has committed to a policy that does not provide an academic ranking of students. Students fall into the following "bands" of grades: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D. Students may list their numeric G.P.A. and these letter grade averages on resumes. Ninety-five to ninety-seven percent of students have grade averages in the five grade bands A- to C+.

Students are not permitted to indicate an approximate class rank on a resume. Employers who choose to hire according to class rank may consult the graphs relating to grade averages and rank available from the Professional Development Office. Students also consult the grade distribution information graphs to determine whether they fall into an employer's class rank cutoff or preference. Employers may ask for candidates in the top 10%, top "quintile," top half, or any other proportionate part of the class, and both students and employers can assess sufficiently, but imprecisely, which students fall into specific class segments. Because grade "band" lines and typical rank cutoff lines do not coincide, many more students may legitimately be considered for employment by employers.

The following chart shows the numerical values and ranges for each letter grade:

Grade Value Rounding Conventions
A+ 4.000  
A 4.000 3.876 - 4.000
A- 4.000 3.501 - 3.875
B+ 3.250 3.126 - 3.500
B 3.000 2.876 - 3.125
B- 2.750 2.501 - 2.875
C+ 2.250 2.126 - 2.500
C 2.000 1.876 - 2.125
C- 1.750 1.376 - 1.875
D 1.000 .751 - 1.375
F 0  


Transcripts (official and unofficial) and Verification of Enrollment forms are available from the Transcript and Verification Office in G-3 Thackeray Hall. If you have any questions, contact the University Registrar or the Transcripts and Certification Office. More information is available via the Registrar's Office

Transcripts & Certification

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