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Exam Schedule

 Scroll down for Fall 2021 Schedule.

Spring 2021 Exam Schedule

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All papers and take-home exams are due by 6:00 PM on Thursday, May 6.

Note: Exam passwords will be posted the day of the exam in the table below.

Printable Take-Home Schedule (Read fully the Take-Home Instructions.)
Printable Expanded Remote In-Class Schedule

Remote In-Class Schedule is as follows (see expanded version above for information on materials needed for exams):

Date 9:00 AM 1:00 PM




April 27
Property   IBT  
Estates & Trusts   Environmental Law  
Family Law      
April 28
International Law      
Make-Up Exams      
April 29
Federal Income Tax   Intro to Russian/Uzbek Lgl System  
Public Health Law      
April 30
Evidence   Civil Procedure  
Professional Responsibility   Languages for Lawyers  
    Make-Up Exams  
May 3
Commercial Transactions      
May 4
Nonprofit Organizations   Workers' Compensation  
Make-Up Exams   Con Law: Freedom of Religion  
May 5
White Collar Crime   Criminal Procedure  
May 6
Constitutional Law      
Make-Up Exams      

Fall 2021 Exam Schedule

Print the Fall 2021 Exam Schedule