Examinations are designed to test the understanding of the concepts in the examined subject matter. Obviously, students should neither seek nor accept any assistance during the examination. Less obviously, but of great importance, is that students do not appear, to any degree, to seek or accept any such assistance. It is essential that every law student recognize the necessity of strict adherence to all examination rules and the Standard of Academic Integrity for Exams to avoid any unauthorized practice and to avoid even the appearance of unauthorized practices.

Following are the examination rules and procedures in effect at the School of Law.

Exam Rules and Procedures

Carefully read all instructions. Ignorance of any rule or procedure will not be accepted as an excuse for violation.

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Exam Schedules

Below are the examination schedules. Check back often, as the exam schedules and room assignments are subject to change.

The following exam schedules are available:

Exam Laptop Information

All students who will be using laptops to take their exams, for those faculty permitting them, must follow the below listed procedures to use laptops. The only way you can take your exams on a laptop is to use the software provided by the Law School for exams.

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