For Employers

Pitt Law's Professional Development Office looks forward to the opportunity to partner with you and assist you with your recruitment and engagement needs. 

On-Campus Interviewing Fall and Spring Program

Pitt Law offers on-campus interviews (OCI) I for 2Ls and 3Ls in both the fall and spring semesters and for 1Ls in the spring semester. 

Posting a Job

Find your intern, summer clerk, or experienced practitioner by advertising at Pitt Law. 

Pitt Law graduates make great interns, summer clerks and/or experienced practitioners. Employers can post a job and advertise at Pitt Law.

Recruiting Policies

The following policies have been established to protect the interests of both law students and employers. By recruiting at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, employers agree to abide by these policies

Resume Collect

If you cannot conduct OCI, we can collect and forward candidate resumes to you, and you can arrange interviews directly with candidates. 

Employee Engagement

We would be glad to collaborate and facilitate engagement opportunities with our students so that you can build relationships and educate Pitt Law students about your organization.