ExamSoft and Examplify Documentation

All students will be using laptops to take their exams and must follow the listed procedures below. The only way you can take your exams on a laptop is to use the software provided by the Law School for exams.  iPads are not supported by Pitt Law.

In order to take your exams, you must do the following:

  • Watch the appropriate training video for your platform;
  • Sign the Exam Software Training Statement;
  • Download and install the ExamSoft Examplify software;
  • Download the exam files; and
  • Take the mock exam using the password mock123.
    (Note:  Exam Number is your Exam ID provided by the Registrar office.  You may use any number for the mock exam.)

Our Institution ID:  pittlaw

Access ExamSoft Website »

Exam Assistance

The Registrar's Office and Pitt Law IT have office hours during exams from 8:30AM - 5:00PM (M-F). You can also contact us via email at:Law IT: lawit@pitt.edu. Contact the Registrar at lawreg@pitt.edu.

You can also contact the Help Desk 24x7x365 with LAW IT answering issues they are unable to answer 8:30AM - 5:00PM (M-F)

If you have any questions, concerns, problems uploading or downloading, do not contact your Professor.  Doing so is a violation of the exam policies and can cause your anonymity to be compromised.

Exam IDs

Exam IDs are used to ensure that exam taker identity is masked. Never share your exam ID with anyone. It is imperative that you put the proper exam ID when prompted for it.

These are provided to you via email prior to your exam(s). In order to take the mock exam, you may use 1234 as your exam ID.

Exam Passwords

Exam passwords are provided in-class by the proctor. Take home exams do not have passwords.

Take-Home Exams (Performance Assessment)

In the event that your professor has set up a take-home exam (also known as performance assessment) for you, you may be required to download instructions and upload an assignment via your student portal. These instructions from Examsoft will walk you through how you can submit your assignments.

Please make sure your header on your take-home exam includes the course title and your ExamID. DO NOT use your name on any exam.


  • Review all exam rules and procedures as well as the laptop information.
  • You will be using the ExamSoft website to access your exam, not the Examplify software.  You will visit examsoft.com/pittlaw and log in with your Pitt credentials.
  • If you log in before the exam start time (for example, 3:59pm with a start at 4pm), you will not see this course under your list of courses. You will need to close the browser and log in again.
  • This exam ID number is the only identifying information you should put on your exam.  Do not use your name, email, PeopleSoft ID, etc.
  • Pay attention to download and upload availability times. You will not be able to download the exam after the download window closes.
  • File name is to include your exam ID and course Title. Do not include your name, email, PeopleSoft ID, etc.

Secure & Non-Secure Exams

Please be aware that even with a monitor attached, secure exams will only use the primary screen - meaning if you are on a laptop, it will use the laptop screen.

Secure in-class exams will lock you out of everything on your PC except for Examplify. You will need to have all permitted documents printed and will need to bring the hard copies to the exam room on the day of your exam.

Non-Secure in-class exams will allow you to have access to locally saved files as well as the internet depending on what is permitted by the faculty member. Clarification on what will be permitted will be made before the exam by the faculty member prior to the exam.


Remote Exams

Remote exams are secure exams where you as the student are bound by the honor code to not cheat outside of the parameters set by the faculty member. They are completed without a proctor present.

Note that if the exam does not allow Internet, you must store a local copy of your notes and any other files you may want to access if they are stored in Box or OneDrive.

Be sure to download the exam in Examplify prior to the start of the exam.

Remote Exam with ID

ExamID is an exam integrity and authentication tool that confirms exam takers’ identities to ensure the student assigned to the assessment is who actually completes it.  How it works:

  1. Exam takers establish a “baseline” of authentication the first time they log in to their exam software.
  2. For each subsequent assessment, exam takers will be verified against the information originally provided—username/password, photo/text recognition of their physical ID (student ID, passport, or driver’s license), and biometric facial recognition via their device’s webcam.
  3. Validated exam takers will be able to proceed with their assessments.

If your exam uses this technology, you will be notified in advance to take the Mock Exam Secure with ExamID. This will allow your baseline to be recorded ahead of exam time.

In-Class Exams

Proctors cannot and will not supply technical support to any student during an exam, but the proctor can contact a member of the IT Staff for assistance. If your PC fails during an exam, you will have to continue the exam in writing, in a bluebook. You will also not be given any additional time to complete it. Be sure to download the exam in Examplify prior to the start of the exam.

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