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Each academic year a standard cost of attendance (COA) is developed for both PA resident and non-PA resident students. This COA is designed to adequately cover tuition, fees, books, and living expenses for the period of enrollment (August – May). A student may receive financial aid (from any source) up to their COA.

The estimated cost of attendance figures for the 2021-2022 academic year are listed below for both JD and MSL students:

  PA Resident Non-Resident/International
Estimated Tuition $35,836 $46,120
Housing**    $12,044 $12,044
Books/Personal** $6,608 $6,608
Fees $1,736 $1,736
Transportation** $886 $886
PA Bar Exam (3L) $740 $740
Laptop Fee (1L) $1,500 $1,500
Total Estimate Cost (1L) $58,610 $68,894
Total Estimate Cost (2L) $57,110 $67,394
Total Estimate Cost (3L) $57,850 $68,134
Actual 2021-2022 Tuition Cost
Full-Time Cost $35,836 $46,120
Part-Time Cost $1,350 $2,020

** These are estimated cost for the nine-month enrollment period.

*** Graduating 3L students can include the cost for applying for the Bar Exam in their cost of attendance.

Students may not receive financial aid beyond the amount of their COA. Students with extraordinary documented expenses beyond their COA may request that their COA be increased to allow for such expenses. Individual budget increases are subject to strict federal guidelines and will only be approved for compelling reasons with appropriate documentation. Students are advised that credit card and car payment CANNOT be included in COA. These increases are done on an individual basis and appropriate documentation will be required before such as increase can be approved.

Students must complete the Cost of Attendance Increase Request form and submit it along with all supporting documentation for review of a COA increase. The expenses will be calculated for the period that the student is enrolled, not the calendar year. Approved COA increases allow for additional loan eligibility up to the amount of the increase.

Residency Requirements

Tuition rates are based on whether or not you are a permanent resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A higher tuition rate is charged to non-residents.

  • Higher tuition rate is charged to non-residents. If you have lived in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for 12 consecutive months immediately prior to enrollment at any college or university in the state, you may be eligible for reduced tuition rates.
  • To qualify, you must also be a citizen of the United States or have a U.S. Immigrant/permanent resident visa.
  • If you are under 22 years of age, you are presumed to have the same domicile as your parents.

Residency status is determined at the University level. Click here for residency requirements.

If you are admitted to the University but do not automatically qualify for reduced tuition rates, you may petition for the resident rate by supplying additional information to be reviewed by the Student Appeals Coordinator. Click here tuition eligibility guidelines.