Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

The University of Pittsburgh School of Law is an Accredited CLE and Distance Learning provider in Pennsylvania.

Pitt Law is currently offering Continuing Legal Education Credit (CLE) programs in-person, via live distance learning events and via our video archive. These programs are offered directly by Pitt Law and are presented by faculty, alumni, and other practicing attorneys on a wide array of substantive and ethical legal topics.

Pitt Law generally charges a $30 fee for processing CLE credit for one-hour programs. If a program exceeds one hour in length, a higher fee may be charged. 

To register for an upcoming Live CLE Event

  1. View the list of upcoming live CLE events.
  2. Register for the event using the registration link associated with that program.
  3. After attending the live CLE, attendees seeking CLE credit will automatically receive a survey via email from Pitt Law for purposes of seeking credit card authorization and for processing your CLE credit.

Upcoming Pitt Law Live CLE Events

Please view a list of Pitt Law's upcoming CLE programs by clicking here.

Pitt Law CLE Distance Learning via Video Archive

Various CLE credentialed recordings that will allow users to gain CLE credit after having watched. PACLE policies regarding distance-learning accommodations is applied by compliance period.  CLE requirements for compliance periods ending in 2021 may be completed with credits earned through live online or pre-recorded online programs. Compliance periods ending in 2022 and 2023 are subject to a cap on pre-recorded distance learning programs. Information on your specific compliance group is found on the PACLE website here.  Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the PA CLE Board at (717) 231-3250 or via email at