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Our faculty members are among the country’s most distinguished legal scholars. But they are also passionate teachers who enjoy the personal give and take of the classroom.

Pitt Law professors have defined bioethics, illuminated discrimination, and clarified intellectual property disputes. They advise the founders of new democracies and provide perspec­tive on civil liberties in the United States. Pitt Law has led the move to free worldwide online sharing of legal and judicial scholarship with JURIST, publishing international news and primary source documents. The school also sponsors legal symposia for industries from health care to natural gas and brings experts to campus for formal lectures and informal debate.

With small class sizes and personal interaction, Pitt Law students engage with their teachers and benefit from their broad professional networks. On the lighter side, Pitt Law faculty auction their talents and donations annually to benefit the Pitt Legal Income Sharing Foundation, a student group that raises scholarship funds for classmates electing public-interest summer internships.

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