Pitt Law Black Alumni Committee

The History of Black Justices and Judges in Pa’s Statewide Appellate Courts

Judge Doris Smith-Ribner, a Pitt Law School graduate; class of 1972, presents an insight into the Black justices and judges in the PA’s statewide appellate courts. Judge Smith-Ribner stated in her article that, “As a former Commonwealth Court Judge, it gives me the honor and great pride to reflect principally upon those who paved the way for others to follow”.

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Pitt Law Black Alumni Committee's Mission

The Pitt Law Black Alumni Committee is dedicated to strengthening the professional and social network of Black alumni from Pitt Law across the country and around the world. It is the intent of the committee to provide a support network for Black Pitt law students as well as the Black alumni of the law school. Through this network, the Committee aims to promote and cultivate diversity within the Pitt Law school community. In order to achieve this goal, the Committee seeks the involvement of Black alumni to further its mission:

The Pitt Law Black Alumni Committee aspires to cultivate a powerful global network of Black alumni and promote Black diversity within Pitt Law and the communities in which Pitt Law alumni serve by:

  • Creating initiatives to establish and strengthen connections among Pitt Law Black alumni globally
  • Creating an opportunity for greater alumni involvement in the further development of the Pitt Law school brand globally
  • Creating initiatives to strengthen connections and ties between Pitt Law Black alumni and Pitt Law students, faculty and staff
  • Developing and enhancing programming to promote Black excellence at Pitt Law, in all areas of the legal profession and community
  • Leveraging the Pitt Law Black alumni network to enhance the experience of Pitt Law Black students through mentoring and other initiatives that foster community and engagement

For more information regarding levels of involvement and benefits to participating, please contact Vincent Johnson, Director of Equity and Inclusive Excellence at vij14@pitt.edu or 412-327-8459.