Building Resilience Case Studies on Student Interventions & Psychological Insights Conference

May 16-17, 2024 

University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Pittsburgh, PA 

The University of Pittsburgh School of Law will host an inaugural conference on the law student experience and examine how we can promote mental health, well-being, and resiliency in students using psychologically based interventions. The objective of the conference is to convene a group of legal scholars and psychology researchers to disucss the ways in which we can craft inclusive learning conditions and to provide a grounding in psychology literature and research. 

There is no cost to attend the conference. 

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*PA CLE pending approval

Background on The Fostering Resilience and Engagement Project

The Project was created to answer the long-standing call to change legal education–to improve the system to better accommodate students and help them maintain balance. Previous efforts to improve legal education within the law community used a top-down approach, in which interventions and changes were implemented without consulting the students affected by these policies. Instead, through the Project, we aim to improve student outcomes by using an approach that highlights the students’ experiences and implements targeted, tailored, and well-timed psychological interventions that emphasize their voices and concerns. We seek to improve students’ experiences by creating healthier, more sustainable mindsets to approach both law school and their future careers. We hope to change the highly competitive, stressful culture that law school is known for by humanizing legal education through a robust collaboration between researchers and practitioners.

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The Conference will take place starting midday Thursday and will end midday on Friday. To see the agenda, click here.


We will begin with our keynote speaker Shannon Brady, Wake Forest University, followed by presentations and panels. Learn more about our group of legal scholars and psychology researchers and scholars here.


There are many hotels within walking distance to the law school.  However, we encourage you to stay at the following University-preferred hotel at the University's contracted rate

  • Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center, 100 Lytton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
    • Rate: $158 per night available until April 16, 2024 | Book now
    • Event guests may contact the Hotel directly to confirm and pay for the rooms referencing the group name “Resilience & Engagement.”
    • Cancellation policy: Waived. Individual Reservations cancellations and changes will be accepted by Hotel, without charge to the guest or the University or Anthony Travel, up to 6 pm day before arrival.