Writing Center

In a one-to-one setting, the Writing Center will help native and nonnative speakers of English identify and eliminate weaknesses in their writing so that their writing will be clear, coherent and strong.  Patricia Wysor works with students at all points in the writing process: organizing their thoughts, writing an outline, writing a first draft and writing a revision.  No matter how convoluted or obtuse a student’s writing may be, it can be untangled, ordered and made to be coherent and clear.  In the process of closely examining the mechanics of their writing, students have to reexamine and refine their ideas, and it is at this point that their writing really improves.

Patricia has helped many students learn to improve their writing for classes, seminars, journals and independent study projects.  She also helps students improve the resumes, cover letters and writing samples that they will be sending to prospective employers.  A student does not have to complete a writing assignment before coming to see her.  In fact, it is often better for students to come and see her before their writing is complete so that problems can be identified and corrected early in the writing process.

To make an appointment, students should e-mail her a copy of their writing as well as the name of the professor for whom they are doing the writing (if applicable) and several times when they can meet. Most professors allow students to use the Law School Writing Center.  To be certain that this is the case, however, students must ask their professors for permission before making an appointment.

Contact the Writing Center

Room 538
Patricia Harrington Wysor, Director