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ABA-Eli Lilly and Company Summer Internship Opportunity

The American Bar Association’s (ABA) Commission on Disability Rights is pleased to partner with Eli Lilly and Company to provide a meaningful summer internship opportunity for a highly motivated, first-year law student living with a disability.  

The 2024 summer law intern program will run for six weeks from June 12 to July 21, 2024. Students will be paid a stipend of $26 per hour (40 hours per week). If the student is not located in the Indianapolis area, they would work in the Lilly Corporate Center in Indianapolis, IN for the first two weeks and final week of the program, and remotely for the remaining portion. 

Please click here for more information and feel free to share this information with your students.

The deadline to apply is 5:00 p.m. ET on February 29, 2024. 

Student Scholar Fund

The Student Scholar Fund is meant to alleviate the financial burden on students who are currently involved or interested in the academic, research, legal, or practical application of advancing civil rights and racial justice for communities facing systemic disparities in areas including but not limited to: police violence, incarceration, housing, education, labor and employment, and health.

The deadline for the scholarship has been extended to March 15, 2024.

More information about the scholarship is available below (including the online application):

Baher Azmy on Litigating Genocide in US Courts: Defense of Children International - Palestine v. Biden

Join the Center for Civil Rights and Racial Justice in a conversation with Baher Azmy (Legal Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights) and Professor Jules Lobel about the case Defense of Children International-Palestine v. Biden, filed by the CCR in November 2023.

Professor Sheila Velez Martinez will lead a fire side chat with the panelist and invite them to examine the complexities of the situation and its potential impact on international law and human rights.

When: Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Where: Barco Law Building, Room 419

3900 Forbes Ave,

Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Register for the event here by February 29, 2024.

*Light refreshments to be served.

Great Place to Work CEO: ‘It’s time to acknowledge why diversity makes us uncomfortable’

“The word “diversity” is being hijacked and weaponized. For some, at best, diversity means discrimination. At worst, it means darker or “different” people will get the job or promotion because of their skin color or difference. If you can describe what diversity means to you in an unwavering way, go for it.

If the word diversity is uncomfortable for you to use because you know it provides comfort to some and fear within others, I would acknowledge to your people why it makes you uncomfortable. Then state what you believe in, including how different beliefs, experiences, skills, and personalities are needed to drive innovation. Ask your DEIB leader for help on the message that will move your company forward from a business performance point of view.”

Read the full article here.


Implicit Bias, Course Evaluations and Staff Performance Evaluations

Implicit or unconscious bias refers to the information, attitudes, and stereotypes that affect how we process information subconsciously. Implicit biases surface when situations trigger mental reactions that influence our behavior. Implicit biases are not related to our conscious intentions, yet they can affect the way we evaluate an individual’s performance, form judgments, and evaluate the quality of our experiences and interactions.

Click here to view the Implicit Bias and Course Evaluations Guide which is intended to support students interested in intentionally disrupting implicit bias when completing course evaluations.

Click here to view the Implicit Bias and Performance Evaluations Guide which is intended to support faculty and staff interested in intentionally disrupting implicit bias when completing staff performance evaluations.

Check this page frequently for information regarding lectures, presentations, webinars and articles which facilitate learning and skill-building relative to diversity, equity and inclusion.


University of Pittsburgh's Anti-Racism Resource Toolkit

Pitt's Division of Student Affairs stands in soldiarity with our Black-identifying students and students of color and against systemic racism, police brutality, and injustice in any form. As part of our commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all students, we are educating ourselves on the history of race in the United States of America, learning best practices in how to hold conversations about racism, and taking immediate, actionable steps toward change. 

The above toolkit is designed to meet you where you are. Some content is specifically aimed toward our Student Affairs staff, and some content is offered for our students. Some content addresses the concerns and trauma of Black-identifying students and staff, and some content addresses the concerns of White students and staff. Some of us are deep into the conversation about social justice, and some of us are just learning about these concepts. Wherever you are--start where you are today.