CILE 25th Anniversary: Looking Back for Hope Going Forward


The CILE 25th Anniversary tells the story of the ways in which the Center has benefited its students, our international student’s home countries, and the countries with which CILE has partnered over several decades.

Our students, alumni, and partners are committed, engaged, and energetic in their dedication to a future in which justice, equality, and the rule of law are not just theoretical concepts but real goals that can be achieved through the practical skills. 

Special Anniversary Events

27th Annual McClean Lecture, featuring Elizabeth Shackelford (JD '06)

CILE Advisory Board 25th Anniversary Session: America in a Mirror: Before and After COVID-19

Thurs., Oct. 15 at 12:30 p.m. 

Join CILE as it hosts Dennis Unkovic for an interview with Max Laun to discuss his book, America in a Mirror: Before and After COVID-19. Dennis Unkovic is an international attorney, business advisor, and author. He is a partner with Pittsburgh-based Meyer, Unkovic & Scott LLP. ... He frequently speaks to business organizations, government officials, trade associations, and academic institutions on a broad variety of international topics.

Invitation and registration link will soon follow.