Social Media Guide

We are in a society that is connected unlike ever before. With the touch of a button, we can speak to relatives we rarely see, send money to our friends for coffee, and even network with professionals worldwide in this global economy. The power we have at our fingertips is often awe-inspiring, yet – at the same time, the powerful tools we have to connect can spur divisiveness at a rate, unlike anything we have seen in modern history. The First Amendment of the Constitution grants us five freedoms that protect speech, religion, press, assembly, and the ability to petition the government. Our ability to speak freely is one that very few countries in the world enjoy at the capacity we do.

Due to social media platforms' novelty, law students and legal professionals are still exploring how personal social media accounts can positively and negatively affect their careers. Because the OEIE Student Advisory Council is seeking to make Pitt Law a more inclusive place, we urge students to practice inclusion and thoughtfulness in every interaction we have with our community members. We made this guide to stress how inclusion is a choice and one that we want the Pitt Law Community to make. 

Download and view the Social Media Guide here.