Clinic and Externship Registration


There is no limit to the cumulative number of credit hours you may earn in clinic courses (see the note below if you are interested in practicing in New York). However, clinic registrations are governed by the following procedures (please refer to the individual course descriptions for each clinic's procedures):

  • You may not devote more than 10 credit hours to a clinic in any given semester.
  • If you are enrolled in a clinic for seven credits, you are encouraged to take no more than two other courses.
  • You are advised to complete the Upper Division Legal Writing Requirement in a different semester than your clinic.
  • You may take an EXTERNSHIP or a PRACTICUM and a clinic in the same semester.
  • During the open enrollment period, you must have permission from the clinic administrator to add or drop a clinic.


  • With the exception of the Semester in D.C. Program, the maximum number of credits you can earn for externships is 4. The credit maximum includes summer externship credits. Participation, or nonparticipation, in a clinic course or a practicum does NOT affect this limit on externship credits. Additionally, all credit hours may be earned with the same agency.
  • In order to receive credit for a summer externship, you must register for the course for the fall term. Credits for summer externships are awarded in the fall term and DO NOT count toward the 18-credit maximum. Details regarding the credit maximum can be found hereRegistration for summer externships should be completed during the first week of class in the fall, during final add/drop. Adding the summer externship at that time ensures you have completed the work for the number of credits you are registering for and eliminates potential registration issues.
  • Registration for fall and spring externships takes place as part of the regular registration process for the term in which you are working in the externship and those credits DO count toward the 18-credit maximum.

For Students Interested in Practicing in New York

Please be advised that students who wish to be admitted to practice in New York cannot take more than 30 credits in clinic courses, field placements, and externships combined. See New York Rules of Court § 520.3(c)(4). If you have additional questions, please contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.