Suggested Project Timeline and Milestone

As a general rule, the in-class discussions have the greatest impact when delivered early during the transition and contextualized within the environment of greatest relevance. Given that the goal of these activities is to buffer students from making negative attributions in the face of common transitional challenges, these activities work best when delivered before students have had a chance to confirm their concerns about whether they belong or are capable of performing in the program—thus, within the first few weeks of the first-year experience.  

In parallel, the student surveys can be implemented during two critical phases of the students first year experience: Once at the very start when their concerns and uncertainties are at their greatest; and once at the end of their first year, once they have had a chance to experience first-hand the challenges latent within the first year or mid-year after the completion of the first semester and release of first semester grades.  

  • August – Initial survey of 1Ls during orientation  
  • September/October - Midsemester check-in with 1Ls and 2Ls 
  • November/December - Conduct intervention with first-year students in, before or just after they receive their grades.  
  • January – Survey students to gauge experience and measure mindsets. 
  • April - Exit survey   

*For more information or a copy of any of the surveys, please contact Dr. Omid Fotuhi at (650) 669-7550 or