New Employee Checklist

For Employees

Prior to your first day:

  • On receiving your Pitt username and temporary password, you will want to log on to to change the password and walk through setting up DUO (a multifactor service). If you get stuck during the process, please call the Help Desk at 412-624-4357 (they are the only ones with access, we do not).
  • Please be sure to sign up for the Emergency Notification Service.
  • Some services will not work until a hire date (ex. Box and Office 365). These services take time to process and can sometimes take up to 3 days after the hire date.
  • Get help by emailing or visit us in the Barco Law Building in room 429J. You also have access to the Technology Help Desk that is with Pitt IT. They provide assistance with email, phones, Box, Office 365, etc.

On your first day:

Should you require assistance to any of the following, please do contact Note that there are linked guides for all processes.

Helpful Information:

  • You will find Faculty & Staff Resources on our website.  It includes software information, remotely connecting to Pitt from home, Teams and OneNote resources, and how-to for Wireless-Pittnet on campus. 
  • We have other Technology Toolbox items on our website, too.
  • You may be interested in the following.  Each link to instructions on how to use the service:
  • Please note our acceptable use policies at the bottom of our Faculty & Staff Resources page.  We also have a Copyright Infringement policy.
  • On a rotating 180 days, you will be asked to update your password.  This is to prevent any potential security risks.  Your account is monitored 24x7x365 for security breaches (ie. login from Pittsburgh and 10 minutes later from China).

For Supervisors

Adding a new employee:

  • Send a request to IT:
    • Send new employee username and password to new employee. (If requested in advance, provide the new user's personal email address.)
    • Add the person to the organizational chart and website. (Please include full name, title, etc.)
    • Add a phone number to user's account.
    • Add to department files on V and/or W.
    • Add a user folder if needed for U.
  • Above is a checklist for the incoming user. They can complete each task themselves or you may schedule an IT assistance appointment with at least a 7-day lead time. Please email with the day and time of the requested appointment.

Change in position or title:

  • Send a request to IT:
    • Edit the organizational chart and website. (Please include the new title.)
    • Check to see if the phone number needs to stay with the department and if a transfer of numbers needs to be completed.
    • Edit department file access as per new position.

Terminating a position:

  • Send a request to IT:
    • Provide termination date.
    • IT will:
      • Suspend the account on termination date.
      • Remove from Law groups after termination date.
      • Archive their files.
      • Move or terminate phone line.
      • Remove from website and organizational chart.
      • Collect all equipment for return to IT department.