LAW 5618: Arabic for Lawyers I - 2181

Arabic for Lawyers I
Class Term:
Fall Term 2017-2018
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5:30 pm
7:20 pm
LAW 120
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2 (2 Contact, 0 Field)
Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority
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Additional Information

Laptops will not be permitted in class.

Grading Details

Students should expect to be asked to regularly participate in each class. Regular quizzes will be administered every class as well which will test student preparation for the class. The final grade for each semester will be determined by quiz scores (collectively comprising 20% of the grade), class participation (10% of the grade) and a final closed book, handwritten exam conducted at the end of the semester.


Arabic for Lawyers is a two semester course comprised of both Arabic for Lawyers I and Arabic for Lawyers II. Students will receive a grade at the conclusion of each semester.  Students will receive 2 credits per semester. Arabic for Lawyers is a course that helps students to familiarize themselves with Arabic legal terminology and basic Arabic grammar. This is a beginner class that assumes no prior knowledge of or exposure to the language. As such, native speakers and those with formal training over a period of years may not enroll. The course is a two semester (full year) course and students are encouraged to take both semesters in order to benefit from the course. However, students are permitted to take only the first semester if they wish. They may take only the second semester with the professor’s permission if they have had some modest experience with the Arabic alphabet. The first semester of the course deals with learning the Arabic alphabet, mastering pronunciation and developing the ability to write in Arabic by hand. In the second semester, we will turn to learning basic rules of grammar and developing vocabulary in a manner that is designed to be of interest and use to lawyers and legal professionals. The class will conclude by reading simple cases, laws and other basic legal materials.  To facilitate the learning experience, laptops will not be permitted in class.

Arabic for Lawyers I