International Trade Law & Regulation

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General Enrollment Course
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International / Comparative
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This course will introduce students to the multilateral trading system by reference to the GATT, the WTO, the WTO Agreements, and the U.S. implementation of its international trade obligations, with a particular focus on U.S. unfair trade laws and U.S. customs regulation. Key legal principles and rules will be taught through the lens of administrative practice, litigation and appeals, and trade policy considerations.
This class will be taught primarily from the University of Pittsburgh’s Washington Center in Washington, DC, which is connected via video-link to the law school in Pittsburgh. Students may participate either from Pittsburgh via videoconference or from Washington while participating in the Semester in DC Program. Students interested in taking this class in Washington through the Semester in DC Program should review the Semester in DC Program information on Pitt’s website and contact the program director to discuss the program requirements and externship application process.