Workers' Compensation Practicum

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Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority
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Experiential Learning
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Course Description

The student undertakes this Practicum concurrently with the Workers’ Compensation course taught by Adjunct Professor Torrey. The Practicum is not a requirement of the Workers’ Compensation course.
The Workers’ Compensation course provides the student with an exposure to the history and theory of the law, a survey of the different state and federal systems, and the manner in which employers insure for workers’ compensation. The Practicum works as a supplement, and provides the student with first-hand exposure to and activity in the field. The student will observe lawyers meeting with clients and evaluating their cases. In addition, the student will learn how lawyers communicate and/or work with physicians, and how employers contesting claims obtain and present rebuttal medical evidence. The student will be introduced to the practice of taking trial depositions of medical and other experts, and have the opportunity to attend a deposition to observe attorneys at work. The student will also have the opportunity to attend hearings and observe the procedures of the opposing attorneys and the judge.
In addition, the student will gain an understanding of the specific petitions that are advanced by the worker prosecuting the claim and the employer and/or insurance company that has contested entitlement. The participant in the Practicum will be instructed in how to prepare written legal argument to the workers’ compensation authorities, and briefs to the appeals courts. The student will also gain exposure to current practices surrounding evaluation of workers’ compensation cases for possible lump sum settlement.