Law Intersession - Intl/Comp: Introduction to Marriage in Iran

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This course addresses socio-religious elements of marriage in Iran based on Zoroastrian community rules and Islamic perspective during contemporary era. It also clarifies the general image of family law codifications that apply to the Muslim populations in the different region of Iran, including Sunni minorities and Shia majority groups. The main purpose of this course is to provide a sociological perspective on the Islamic customs, rules, and traditions regarding marriage, divorce, and family relationships in Iran. Topics typically covered include: the economic aspects of marriage, such as bride price, dowry, alimony, breathe feeding payment as well as different types of marriage in Iran, including child marriage, temporary marriage, Polygyny, and aarranged/forced marriage. We also concentrate on the Infamous marriages in Iran included same sex marriage, Inter faith marriage, and incestuous marriage. In this course students may learn about new social movements of Iranian women against some conservative Islamic rules regarding marriage and sexual ethics in Islam.

Course Offerings 2022-2023

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