Social Security Disability Practicum

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Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority
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This Practicum offers students who have completed three semesters of law school an opportunity to develop lawyering skills by representing actual clients.  Students in this Practicum take primary responsibility for client representation under the supervision of a practicing attorney.
The Practicum students represent clients at all stages of obtaining Social Security disability benefits.  They interview clients, gather and interpret medical evidence, develop a case theory, work with clients’ medical providers to obtain evidence, prepare a hearing memorandum, and represent clients at hearings and/or on appeal.
Students will attend a two-hour class each week during which they will learn the substantive law, policy, and practical lawyering skills that are necessary for competent representation of clients at administrative hearings and on appeal.   Students will participate in mock interviews and mock hearings during which they will learn how to conduct the various components of a hearing, including cross examining a vocational or medical expert.