Pitt Law Class of 2024

Alexander T. deAlmedia (JD '24)

Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
Academic Interests: JD/MBA, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Transactional Law, IP Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: The incredibly friendly and supportive staff and faculty at Pitt Law. A lot of folks genuinely care about who you are, what you want, and how to help you stay afloat and reach your goals. Just strike up a conversation about not-law! You're bound to find like-minded friends.
Fun Facts: Alex has been all over the map. He studied medicine and philosophy in undergrad, and worked in biotech research, telecommunications, and even theatre before coming to law school. Outside of academics, Alex's big interest is in trying to stay happy and healthy through the rigor of law school. He enjoys board games, cooking, running, and reading (when he has time for them!) Ask him about book recommendations!

Elise Dowdall (JD '24)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Government Law and Public Interest Law
Pitt Law Favorites: Getting lunch and then hanging out with fellow classmates on the ground floor. Study groups will become your best friends and get you through your classes.
Fun Facts: Has medaled nationally and internationally in dance competitions. Was featured on ESPN twice.

Alex Giommi (JD '24)

Hometown: New York, New York
Academic Interests: Intellectual Property Law
Pitt Law Favorites: The supportive staff and faculty at Pitt Law and the sense of community with my classmates.
Fun Facts: Alex likes to travel and is a die-hard New York Knicks fan..

Shannon Ging (JD '24)

Hometown: Chicago, IL 
Academic Interests: Technology Law, Sports/Entertainment Law, Legal Compliance 
Pitt Law Favorites: There's so many great places in the building and around campus to study, eat, or just hang out. 
Fun Facts: Shannon was born a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins fan.

Cindy Hsieh (JD '24)

Hometown: Toronto, Canada/Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Health/IP Law
Pitt Law Favorites: The second floor study patio, empty classrooms for studying on the first floor, and the outdoor tables near Posvar. The faculty and upper-level law students are happy to help as well! 
Fun Facts: Cindy makes and sells artwork on Etsy and collab with apparel designers.


Jaclyn Jamison (JD '24)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Criminal, Family, and Environmental Law
Pitt Law Favorites: The Dunkin' across the street.
Fun Facts: Jaclyn spends her free time going to concerts, hiking and traveling.

Cadina Mancini (JD '24)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Corporate, Tech/IP Law, Real Estate, and Health Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: My classmates. Everyone is so friendly and always willing to help! 
Fun Facts: Cadina is an ACE certified personal trainer.

Grace Mannix (JD '24)

Hometown: Wayne, PA 
Academic Interests: Sports and Entertainment Law, International Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: The 2nd floor patio! 
Fun Facts: Grace used to drive the Zamboni at Pegula Ice Arena as her part-time job in undergrad!

Jack Olorvida (JD '24)

Hometown: Round Lake, IL 
Academic Interests: Health Law, Constitutional Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: 5th floor is the go-to place to study. I like the accessibility of different activities that surround Barco to take a break from the studying. My favorite being the Natural History Museum.
Fun Facts: Jack was a 4-year member of the Million Dollar Band playing the snare drum in my undergraduate program. He also traveled with a College Football Team that won 2 National Championships in his time.

Jace Peterkin (JD '24)

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 
Academic Interests: Government Affairs and Policy Making
Pitt Law Favorites: Pamela's and Piada
Fun Facts: Whenever Jace travels to a new city, he. always visits their local bookstore and library.

Samantha Shah (JD '24)

Academic Interests: Corporate Law, International Trade Law
Pitt Law Favorites: The faculty at Pitt Law is full of excellent and down-to-earth professors-- they're always willing to talk and help! My favorite areas in the building to study are the patio on the 2nd floor and tables near the window on the 3rd floor of the library.
Fun Facts: Samantha speaks four languages.

Natalie Simmons (JD '24)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Civil Rights, Litigation, Gender Law
Pitt Law Favorites: Barco Law Library (5th Floor) study tables, Professor Curran's Torts Class, The Dean's Faculty, Negotiations Competition, Pitt Law Works, Pitt Law Women's Association, Pitt Law Ambassadors, Pitt Law If/When/How 
Fun Facts: Natalie can make a three leaf clover with her tongue!


Sophia Stefanovski (JD '24)

Hometown: Erie, PA 
Academic Interests: Mock Trial, Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project 
Pitt Law Favorites: The Pitt Law community is extremely supportive. My classmates are inspiring and also know how to keep the law school fun!
Fun Facts: Sophia loves the simple things in life; fresh coffee, golden retrievers, and country music.

Jack Scott (JD '24)

Hometown: Arlington, NE
Academic Interests: Interested in the history and philosophy of the law, along with the social consequences of the current legal system in a rapidly changing landscape, Public Interest and Health Law
Pitt Law Favorites: Jack enjoy's strolling the beautiful campus with friends, and getting to know the wonderful faculty and students that make up this great university. I love the city of Pittsburgh, and it has been a fantastic place to be a student--while also proving to be a great location for flourishing professionals.
Fun Facts: Studied Philosophy, Political Science, and Ethics at Washington State University. Worked on a project to nominate the gravesite of an Underground Railroad conductor to the Network of Freedom, with successful approval. I always enjoy playing and watching sports, socializing with friends, and working with vehicles!

Zach Weiner (JD '24)

Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA
Academic Interests: Employment Law, Labor Law, Anitrust 
Pitt Law Favorites: The faculty are very approachable and willing to help if you have any question about class or the legal practice in general. The small class sizes help you build connections with the professors.
Fun Facts: Zach played trumpet for nine years.