K&L Gates Diversity Fellowship Recipients

Jessica Liu (JD '20)

Stephanie Moore

“The K&L Gates Diversity Fellowship introduced me to future colleagues and mentors that have taught me so much about myself.”

Jessica Liu has worked with K&L Gates since completing her Fellowship in 2020. Liu believes her passion for helping others is what made her stand out to K&L Gates. She is one of two recipients who have completed their Fellowship, which she describes as an enriching experience. Liu met so many people she genuinely related to and was drawn to new practices in law she hadn’t before considered. Her advice for others pursuing the Diversity Fellowship is to be open to new experiences and opportunities.

Nadia Brooks (JD '21)

Stephanie Moore

“For anyone interested in the Fellowship, I’d recommend staying true to one’s self, honest, and open-minded because the firm will see your authenticity and work with you to accomplish your goals."

Nadia Brooks has completed both an in-person and virtual summer associate position with K&L Gates. Even in her first year, she felt a sense of belonging at the firm and explored several different areas of the law. Both the firm’s lawyers and past Fellowship recipients have offered support, answered questions, and mentored Brooks through her experience. She wants students pursuing the Fellowship to know that keeping an open mind is a great way to discover yourself, your passions, and both your short and long-term career goals.

Alexandre LeBlanc (JD '22)

“The Fellowship experience is very challenging; however, it is more than rewarding, providing not only significant personal growth but also a head start in your legal career. “

Alex LeBlanc spent his 1L summer as a summer associate at K&L Gates. LeBlanc describes his summer employment experience as enriching for both work experience and networking opportunities. His mentors have become close friends throughout his time at K&L Gates. They have empowered him to expand his legal knowledge and diversify his interests within the field of law. LeBlanc recommends that others interested in the Fellowship communicate how their unique characteristics will make them a valuable asset for K&L Gates.

Gloria Chibueze-Azinge (JD '23)

“Those aspiring to the Fellowship should identify their strengths and their unique skillset. I would encourage a prospective applicant to be their authentic self!”

Gloria Chibueze-Azinge was interested in the Fellowship program since she began researching attending the Pitt Law. She was drawn to the tremendous opportunity to gain experience within a law firm, the mentorship program, and the significant financial support for Fellows. She is especially pleased with her mentor experience, paired with a lawyer who met with her twice a month. This mentor encouraged Chibueze-Azinge in both her studies and her overall wellness. While she is in the early stages of the Fellowship, she has already enjoyed the benefits of having a mentor during her first semester. 

Minu Nagashunmugam (JD '24)

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