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The University of Pittsburgh Law Building is currently undergoing major renovations. Access to the building and law library is restricted until July. Please email or call (412) 648-1490 if you need assistance.

Young Alumni Committee

The purpose of the University of Pittsburgh's School of Law Young Alumni Committee is to assist in connecting young Pitt Law young alumni to the Alumni Association. The Young Alumni Committee also seeks to engage young alumni by creating exclusive networking events and programs to attract recent Pitt Law graduates. 

Committee members: 

  • Kevin Tucker, Chair, (JD '11)
  • Ryan Crivella (JD ‘15)
  • Melanie Cuddyre (JD ’18)
  • Ashley Edwards (JD ‘13)
  • Marcus Gaines-Cherry (JD ‘20)
  • Julia Gitelman (JD ‘19)
  • Lydia Gorba (JD ‘17)
  • Meghan Heberling (JD ‘12)
  • Keymo Hoshing (JD ‘21)
  • Kerven Moon (JD ‘19)
  • Stephanie Moore (JD ‘20)
  • Taylor Mosley (JD ‘20)
  • Gabriella Reber (JD ’21)
  • Joshua Sallmen (JD ‘18)
  • Sophia Senyo (JD ‘13)