HCC Online Graduate Testimonials

In their own words, our graduates on Health Care Compliance Online


"I really liked that the courses were structured, with time frames for when work is due. And you always get feedback - the professors are also available for feedback and questions. The courses are specifically well structured and well done from my perspective as a full time physician." - Oksana Karpov, Physician, UPMC

"It is a very big commitment and the classes move very fast, so you have to be prepared for it. My favorite part would be the discussion board posts. I had my opinions, the professor had their opinions, and then you get to see all the views from your classmates and I think that is very helpful in the learning experience." - James Davis, University of Pittsburgh Graduate

"It was absolutely helpful to hear from compliance officers and clinicians who were able to provide firsthand accounts of how compliance policies can directly impact people. It was important to understand that there are real life consequences to not having an effective compliance program." - Holly Pisanelli, Attorney

"I learned so much, I grew, in such a short amount of time.  It was challenging at times but I’m always up for a challenge.Taking this program was one of the best choices I’ve made. I felt the schedule was very conducive to my work load." - Christopher LaRue, Family Planning Services Supervisor, Planned Parenthood

"I felt I knew enough coming in, but I am coming out so much stronger, I have so much more knowledge, I feel comfortable in the career path I’ve chosen. It’s just given me strength I did not know I needed. I gained so much new knowledge and new skills, I now feel more comfortable in a big environment like UPMC, that I can preach compliance better." - Maida Cemer, Compliance Manager, UPMC

"I would absolutely recommend HCC online. The program is relevant to real world practices and expanded upon my base of knowledge. I can now evolve as a leader and preceptor in the health care sector, where my employer and I can have the certainty and confidence to accept the challenges in the clinical, business, and now the regulatory field that lie on the horizons." - Freddy Campogni