LAW 5626: Lobbying and Advocacy - 2214

Lobbying and Advocacy
Class Term:
Spring Term 2020-2021
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Graduation Requirements:
"W" Writing
Experiential Learning
Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority
Full Year Course:
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Additional Information

This class will be taught primarily from the University of Pittsburgh's Washington Center in Washington, DC, which is connected via video-link to the law school in Pittsburgh. Students may participate either from Pittsburgh via videoconference or from Washington while participating in the Semester in DC Program. Students interested in taking this class in Washington through the Semester in DC Program should review the Semester in DC Program information on Pitt’s website and contact the program director to discuss the program requirements and externship application process. This class is also open to GSPIA students.

Grading Details

Grades will be based 60% on a series of short weekly assignments and in-class exercises, and 40% on a final project developing a strategic plan for a hypothetical client.


In this course, students will learn about the federal legislative process and the rules and best practices required for lobbying and advocacy work. Instruction will be based on assigned readings and short lectures from the instructor and guest lecturers. Students will be graded on weekly assignments (alternating between in-class and take-home), class participation, and a final presentation on a proposed advocacy campaign. This course will focus primarily on lobbying in the federal context.