The State Attorneys General - 2224

The State Attorneys General
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Spring Term 2021-2022
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Simulation Course
2 (2 Contact, 0 Field)
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Experiential Learning
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The course will cover the day-to-day challenges faced by state Attorneys General and their staffs in enforcing state and Federal laws and defending state agency clients in a constitutional and ethical manner. The course will focus special attention on the 1,000-person Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General and on consumer financial issues, including enforcement of the Consumer Financial Protection Act and other federal consumer financial laws. Although each State is unique, the course will demonstrate the remarkable congruence that exists among State Attorneys General when addressing similar challenges and issues. Each office possesses broad jurisdiction and to varying degrees is independent from the executive and the legislative branch of state government. Attorneys General in 43 states are elected statewide on a partisan basis. The combination of sweeping jurisdiction and constitutional independence has given rise to a unique American legal institution of growing importance. The course considers the unique ethics issues that Attorneys General and their staffs must confront. The course will also cover the relationship of Attorneys General with Governors, state legislatures and agencies, the federal government, the private bar, and a myriad of advocacy organizations.

The State Attorneys General