Law Intersession - 2244

Law Intersession - Exp Learning: PA Appellate & Post-Conv Litigation
Class Term:
Spring Term 2023-2024
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Simulation Course
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Experiential Learning
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Additional Information

Upon completion of the course, student will learn:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural aspects of Pennsylvania appellate and post-conviction law, including jurisdictional time-bars.  
  2. Identify and articulate procedural and substantive barriers to properly preserving appellate and post-conviction rights throughout the pre-trial and trial stages of litigation.  
  3. Identify the legally pertinent facts of the assigned case and determine whether that fact/ issue has been properly preserved (and if so, how), waived, pending, or previously litigated.
  4. Overall, students will be encouraged to think strategically about each step of the criminal litigation process in order to ensure proper preservation of their client’s appellate and post-conviction rights in the event of a conviction.


Grading Details

  1. Class Participation/ Discussion-15%
  2. Minor Writing Assignment 15%
  3. Major Writing Assignment 40%
  4. Major oral argument - 30%


Pennsylvania boasts one of the strictest appellate and post-conviction landscapes in the nation. Expert criminal litigation requires an understanding of the criminal process and procedure during the pre-trial and trial stages as well as how each pre-trial and trial decision could potentially affect your client’s rights during the appellate process, if convicted. This seminar will follow a Pennsylvania Criminal Homicide case from arrest into appellate and post-conviction litigation, highlighting the need for clear eyed forward thinking at each stage of the litigation process.

Law Intersession - Exp Learning: PA Appellate & Post-Conv Litigation