Social Justice in Action - 2244

Social Justice in Action
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Spring Term 2023-2024
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Simulation Course
3 (1 Contact, 2 Field)
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Experiential Learning
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Since the spring offering of this course is a continuation from the fall, those students who were registered in the fall will need to request a permission number by emailing  You will receive the permission number via return email so you can register for the course.Please make sure you include your name, PeopleSoft ID and information for the spring course.


This course is a continuation of the fall term course Social Education Justice Project.             The spring semester of the course (3 credits) will be primarily experiential in nature, both as a simulation course and a clinic course.  The simulation component will involve students as attorneys supervising junior attorneys in the preparation of an appellate brief and oral argument for a national moot court competition.  Students will be placed in a lawyer role representing a client and completing lawyering tasks.  I will supervise them directly and provide frequent feedback.  The students will participate in a classroom component throughout the semester.  The clinic component will place students in the role of facilitative lawyer, acting as a third party neutral and advising an individual or entity who is pursuing a social justice initiative or project in the community.  I will supervise the students’ work directly as they serve in the lawyer role and I will provide regular feedback.  The students will participate in a classroom component throughout the semester. The spring component of the course will allow students to receive 3 experiential credits.  

Social Justice in Action