Foundations of Legal Research - 2251

Foundations of Legal Research
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Fall Term 2024-2025
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Evaluation is through in-class participation, hands-on exercises and research assignments leading to a letter grade.


Foundations of Legal Research is a one-credit practical skills course that builds on basic research skills learned in the first year Legal Writing program and emphasizes legal research as an integrated part of the practice of law. The course will integrate traditional print resources with online database resources and “free” Internet resources, with emphasis on locating resources efficiently and cost-effectively.

This course has been flagged as a distance education course. This means this class is one in which students are separated from the faculty member or each other (other than specially accommodated students) for more than one-third of the instruction and the instruction involves the use of technology to support regular and substantive interaction among students and between the students and the faculty member, either synchronously or asynchronously.

The class never meets in person. This course does not have a specific day or time to meet.

Foundations of Legal Research