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Public Interest Law & Pro Bono Opportunities

Public Interest Law 

The term "Public Interest Law" is difficult to define precisely. Kimm Alayne Walton in her book America's Greatest Places to Work With A Law Degree (Harcourt Brace, 1999) provides that, "as a general matter you could call public interest the area that provides legal representation to people, groups, or interests that are historically underrepresented in our legal system." This broad definition includes not only nonproifit organizations and public interest law firms, but also government positions. 

Students interested in public interest careers need to explore and begin to define their specific areas of public interest early on in their law school careers. Participating in externships, Law School clinics and practicums and working with public interest organizations will allow you to explore your interests and demonstrate a commitment to public interest work. It may be difficult, but not insurmountable, to handle law school debt while working in a public interest position. Depending upon the employer and area(s) of interest, students may have opportunities for loan forgiveness/assistance programs, fellowships, scholarships, and other programs to deal with their debts. It is essential to begin your search early because there is often high compensation for these positions. The PDO is here to help you in your search. 

Pro Bono Opportunities 

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