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Resignation or Withdrawal From the School of Law

In order to officially resign from the School of Law and the University a student must complete the following procedures:

  1. Submit notice in writing to the Dean stating the reason for resignation; and
  2. Notify the Law School Registrar (412) 648-1407/1409 and the Student Appeals Office, G-12 Thackeray Hall, or call (412) 624-7585 for 24 hour answering machine. Note that once a student has processed a University Registration Form, notices of resignation must be received before the first day of classes of the term for which the student has registered.

Students who resign after the last day of the University's add/drop period are liable for a percentage of their charges and will be issued "R" grades, denoting resignation, on their transcripts. If a student resigns by mail, the reduction percentage of the resignation will be determined by the postmark date on the envelope, considered to be the notification date of resignation.

In accordance with the School of Law policy, a student cannot officially resign in good standing during an examination period. Once an examination period starts, all scheduled examinations must be taken before the student can resign.


A student may withdraw from all courses through the School of Law if ineligible to do so through the University. A student who wishes to pursue this option must consult with the Academic Dean or the Dean of Students.

Title IV Refund Policy

Adjustments to tuition charges resulting from official resignations are based on the effective date of resignations in accordance with the federally mandated calculation.

The calculation is based on the period of enrollment completed. That percentage is computed by dividing the total number of calendar days in the term into the number of calendar days completed, as of the date of student notification. The percentage of Title IV assistance to which the student is entitled, or has “earned”, is equal to this percentage of the term completed, up to 60%. If the resignation occurs after 60% of the term is completed, the percentage is equal to 100%.

The amount of Title IV aid which must be returned is based on the percentage of “unearned” aid. That percentage is computed by subtracting earned aid from 100%. The University is required to return the lesser of (1) the unearned aid percentage applied to institutional charges or (2) the unearned aid percentage applied to the total Title IVaid received.

The student is required to return the difference between the amount of unearned aid and the amount returned by the University. If the student (or parents in the case ofPLUS loans) is required to return a portion or all of their loan proceeds, the calculated amount is to be repaid according to the loan’s terms. Students must return only half the amount of grant funds calculated.