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Pitt Law Staff Spotlight: Linda Hamilton, Esq. (JD ’18) and Nahla Kamaluddin, Esq. (LLM ’13, JD’16)

There is no typical day for Pitt Law’s Immigration Law Clinic Heinz Asylum Fellow Linda Hamilton, Esq. (JD ’18) and Jack & Lovell Olender Staff Attorney Nahla Kamaluddin, Esq. (LLM ’13, JD’16). From attending hearings in immigration court, traveling to other states for their clients’ asylum interviews, drafting amicus briefs in support of lawsuits challenging anti-immigrant government policies, or putting together five hundred page asylum applications, there is always something to do and even more to be done.

“We are not only lawyers, but also educators,” Nahla says. “A major part of our day is dedicated to teaching and supervising the next generation of lawyers as they learn how to communicate with clients, develop their cases and even argue them at trial.”

Even more so, Linda and Nahla provide mentorship and trainings to pro bono attorneys who take on asylum cases throughout the Pittsburgh community.

Nahla adds. “Our days are full of twists and turns, but it is all for one goal: to be able to give our clients hope.”

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