Intellectual Property and Innovation Law Concentration Faculty

Full-Time Faculty:

Prof. Kevin Ashley
Professor Ashley teaches Intellectual Property, Cyberspace and Law, and the Artificial Intelligence and Law Seminar

Professor Kevin D. Ashley is an expert on computer modeling of legal reasoning and cyberspace legal issues. In 2002 he was selected as a Fellow of the American Association of Artificial Intelligence “for significant contributions in computationally modeling case-based and analogical reasoning in law and practical ethics.”

Prof. Michael Madison
Professor Madison teaches Copyright Law, Trademark Law, and the Foundations of Intellectual Property Seminar

Professor Madison writes about institutions and governance. Those interests span a wide range of applications: copyright and other intellectual property law; high technology; research science and data: Enlightenment arts and culture; higher education and universities; innovation policy; 21st century urbanism; and global football (soccer).

Moot Court Advisors:

Students in Moot CourtPitt's IP moot court teams are advised by Professor Alstadt and by Richard Rinaldo, Esq. of Williams Coulson and David Oberdick, Esq. of Meyer, Unkovic & Scott.