Faculty Computing

The Faculty Computing program is an initiative by the Office of the Provost that ensures all faculty have a desktop or laptop personal computer (PC). The program ensures that basic model computers for faculty members are replaced every three years. More sophisticated systems may require a different time frame for replacement. Replaced computers are then refurbished and used to fill needs first of visitng faculty, adjunct faculty or staff within the School of Law where funds are not avialable to replace computers.

Please note that some software packages are made available free of charge to faculty by CSSD. Some of these packages will not function on computers with no network connectivity. In order for these packages to function properly, the computer will need to be connected to the University's network or remotely authenticated to the University's SSLVPN service. See the Technology website for more information.

Configurations offered are the latest in terms of processor speed, memory, hard drive storage space and necessary support peripherals:

Windows Laptop:
Latitude 5410
Intel® Core™ i5
16GB Memory

Macintosh Laptop:
MacBook Air 13-inch
Intel® Core™ i5
8GB Memory